The formulation of a proposal for the Constitution of a stricto sensu postgraduate course at the master's degree at the School of Fine Arts of UFBA was initiated in 1986, by Professors doctors Maria Helena Ochi Flexor and Roberval José Marinho and on October 30, 1991 , the project of the Masters course in Arts was approved in plenary session of the Chamber of teaching and graduation and research of UFBA.

In 1992, the first class was selected and, with the initial curricular structure, there were three selections up to 1998, when the course was prevented from continuing to function, because it did not meet the criteria of approval of CAPES at that time. In 1998, at the initiative of Prof. Dr. Maria Celeste de Almeida Wanner was structured the project for implementation of Master's Degree in Visual arts (academic master) of “Escola de Belas Artes” of UFBA. With the academic master's degree in visual arts, the course was accredited by CAPES with a note 3, in April 1999. From the year 2004, the collegiate of the PPGAV, after the restructuring of the Master course in Visual Arts received the concept 4, in the triennium 2004-2006, a concept that was maintained in the evaluations of the Trienes 2007-2009 and 2010-2012. This fact stimulated the referral of a project for the implementation of the doctoral course of PPGAV-UFBA, which was implemented in 2013.